St Barths and art go hand in hand, which is why the Ocean Club St Barths has its own dedicated art programme and space, situated to the side of the central feature bar complete with lounge seating. This space is the perfect setting to appreciate world-class artworks presented by famed art dealer and partner Fergus McCaffrey, who offers members exclusive access to a wealth of emotive works. The integrated programme tells the illustrious art history of St Barths, while inviting a new generation of artists to create future great works. All pieces are available to acquire and are regularly rotated to ensure new inspiration is on hand to visiting members.

Many artists and artworks have been inspired by the spirit of St Barths over the years, including Cy Twombly’s Lepan to paintings and Polaroid photographs, Eric Fischl’s beach scenes and Brice Marden’s St. Barts drawings. The greatest names in contemporary art continue to visit and exhibit on the island to this day.