Beginning with an empty shell of a building on the second floor within the Prada and Dolce & Gabbana building on Rue de la République, award-winning design studio Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) set out to create a feeling of a home away from home, drawing on St Barths’ stunning natural elements. Exploring the various rough and smooth textures and warm colours of the volcanic island, HBA conceived a colour palette with two main shades of orange to represent the peaceful sunsets and fiery magma of the past. This has been combined with colours and textures commonly found on superyachts, such as navy blue, light blue, cream and white. This palette is featured throughout the Ocean Club St Barths.

The natural finish of the interior reflects the vision to create a beach club style, subtly inviting the outdoors into the main seating and dining area with exposed views over the Port de Gustavia. The tables are constructed from a selection of wood types, with the central banquette dining tables featuring brass inlays for added interest. The use of brass in lighting and as accents on furniture offer further subtle connections to yachting life. It is these finer details that offer a pleasing level of luxury throughout the club, reflecting the harmonious flow of life on the island.

Ocean Club St Barths - Lounge area

The main dining and social spaces are served by a central bar featuring a deep blue backdrop and finished with narrow wooden strips forming the base to mimic teak decking. The bar top, meanwhile, is finished in Invisible Blue marble. A stainless-steel footrest along with two poles either side of the bar backdrop, finished with rope wrapped around the top and bottom, pays homage to the island’s rich maritime heritage.

The overriding intention of each area within the club is to make its guests and members feel a sense of belonging to the unique and upper echelon community, within a luxury environment where intimacy and comfort are paramount.