Island life is unique by its very nature and offers a sense of wonder. With its year-round warm climate, St Barths is one of the most remarkable places to live and visit, whether on land or at sea. It has a complex history, with previous ownership including Spain, France and Sweden before returning to the French in 1877, becoming an overseas collectivity of France in 2007. However, it is the origins of the island that really highlight its uniqueness, being named after Bartholoméo, the younger brother of one of the world’s most notable explorers, Christopher Columbus, who visited the island during his second trip to the region in 1493.

It therefore comes as no surprise that this small island has become a highly sought-after location for those wishing to acquire property or those simply looking to visit. It continues to inspire creatives and visionaries, tempting them to return year after year. For those fortunate to be residents, St Barths is a rare enigma to be respected and celebrated in equal measure.